Chocolate Olive Oil Zucchini Bread

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When it comes to baking, I’m the laziest person on the planet. I’m (almost) never eager to make a 100-step dessert or a cake that requires to separate eggs / to beat egg whites / to melt stuff / to jump on one foot / to dance samba. I simply don’t get those recipes! From my point of view, if a recipe involves a few ingredients, a single bowl, a spatula and a tray, that recipe has my name on it. You’d never guess, but this particular zucchini bread is one of those recipes!

To make this recipe a little bit healthier instead of using butter I used olive oil and buttermilk and the result is an incredibly moist, almost fudgy, decadent, chocolaty zucchini bread. I tell you, this might be my all time favorite dessert! Continue reading Chocolate Olive Oil Zucchini Bread

Buttermilk Chocolate Muffins

3 muffinsChoco
Chocolate muffinsChoco muffins2 muffins

These amazing muffins, perfect for breakfast or served as a dessert, will satisfy even the most pretentious chocolate lovers. These muffins are incredibly easy to make – you just mix some ingredients, you bake them et voilà, you have some fluffy and tender beauties. The buttermilk gives them such a soft and moist texture and the brown sugar gives them a rich, caramel flavor. And the most interesting part is the fact that they are ready in less than 30 minutes. Continue reading Buttermilk Chocolate Muffins

Mini Irish Soda Bread

batch of mini irish soda bread
irish soda bread

I bake bread as often as possible. I like to control what goes into my bread and let’s face it, nothing smells better than freshly baked bread. Generally speaking, baking a bread is time-consuming. Sometimes I’m not willing to spend my next two to three hours in the kitchen. So, when I’m in a hurry but I still want to eat delicious homemade bread, I choose this recipe. These mini irish soda breads are both adorable and tasty. They have a lovely crunchy crust and a dense and flavourful center.

I like to make my own buttermilk. It’s super simple and fast.
Continue reading Mini Irish Soda Bread