Cream of Potatoes Soup

Potato soup - platingPouring potato soup

I love veggie soups. They are nutritious, tasty and very easy to make. When it’s freezing outside, a big bowl of soup has the power to warm up both your body and your soul.

Today I chose a cream of potato soup. It’s so hearty and creamy. For extra flavor, I boiled veggies in homemade chicken soup and I seasoned my cream of potatoes with Cajun spice blend. I served this wonderful soup in huge bowls with crispy bacon, avocado, pumpkin seeds and chilli pecorino cheese sprinkled on top.

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Smoked Prunes Stuffed Tenderloin Served with Celeriac Puree

Tenderloin and celeriac puree

I love dried prunes. Their autumnal, smoked flavor brings me back to my childhood. Dried prunes and pork tenderloin is suck a magnificent combination. I like to pair stuffed tenderloin with autumnal veggie puree (such as celeriac, sunchoke or butternut squash). For me, this is how fall tastes like.
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