Chilli con Carne and Brown Rice

Chilli con Carne - Greek yogurtChilli con Carne

I’ve been cooking chilli con carne for about 5 years, but this recipe is (hands down) the best. It is hearty yet light and has a lot of bold flavors. Let’s be honest, chilli con carne isn’t precisely the healthiest dish you can imagine. So, for a healthier choice, I served my chilli with Greek yogurt, instead of sour cream (to cut down fat and bring some protein), and with brown rice instead of white rice (for some extra fiber).

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Tagliatelle Made from Scratch Served with Beef Ragù / Lentil Ragù

Tagliatelle & Ragu

Beef and lentils ragu

I might have mentioned my eternal love for pasta. Here’s the thing: if I’d have to choose between chocolate and pasta, I’d choose the latter. Oh, and I love chocolate, I just love pasta even more. My obsession for pasta began during early childhood. I remember that my grandmother used to make huge sheets of dough, which were later cut into delicate ribbons and served with poppy seeds or walnuts. Later I learnt that those exquisite ribbons were in fact tagliatelle.

Today I have a propose for you: tagliatelle made from scratch, served with two types of ragù. The first one is a classic beef ragù, decadent and flavorful and the second one is a vegan lentil ragù, nutritious yet incredibly tasty. Why should we include lentils in our diet?

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