Lentils and Watermelon Salad with Grilled Corn (Vegan)

I can’t say I often come across such an interesting salad. This salad is quite special, it has a lovely flavor profile, great colors and wonderful textures. At first sight it is a simple, summery salad, with seasonal, budget-friendly ingredients. But when you taste it, it’s impossible not to fall in love. The earthy sweetness of the grilled corn goes wonderfully with the fragrant juiciness of the watermelon and the smooth, almost creamy texture of the lentils. These three tasty ingredients are deliciously bonded together by chopped chives and lemon juice.

Lentils pack this salad with protein which makes it surprisingly satisfying. It is perfect for lunch, dinner and picnic and it is a genius way to use that big slice of watermelon that has been patiently waiting in your fridge for days. Continue reading Lentils and Watermelon Salad with Grilled Corn (Vegan)

Tagliatelle Made from Scratch Served with Beef Ragù / Lentil Ragù

Tagliatelle & Ragu

Beef and lentils ragu

I might have mentioned my eternal love for pasta. Here’s the thing: if I’d have to choose between chocolate and pasta, I’d choose the latter. Oh, and I love chocolate, I just love pasta even more. My obsession for pasta began during early childhood. I remember that my grandmother used to make huge sheets of dough, which were later cut into delicate ribbons and served with poppy seeds or walnuts. Later I learnt that those exquisite ribbons were in fact tagliatelle.

Today I have a propose for you: tagliatelle made from scratch, served with two types of ragù. The first one is a classic beef ragù, decadent and flavorful and the second one is a vegan lentil ragù, nutritious yet incredibly tasty. Why should we include lentils in our diet?

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