Warm Kidney Bean and Quinoa Salad Wrap


WrapFlatbread and warm quinoa saladWarm salad

Today I have the following idea: a hearty kidney bean and quinoa warm salad wrapped in a homemade flatbread, served with a delicious and tangy avocado sauce. It’s a vegan dish, extremely tasty and very nutritious. It is a very satisfying salad, packed with protein, vitamins and healthy fats. Continue reading Warm Kidney Bean and Quinoa Salad Wrap

Chicken Soup with Spinach and Brown Rice

Chicken spinach rice soupChiken rice soup

Chicken soup with spinach and brown rice is a hearty and nutritious soup. This colorful and heartwarming soup is packed with lovely autumnal flavors. It is the kind of soup that you crave on a cold winter afternoon and the kind of soup that is capable to brighten a cloudy day.
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Tagliatelle Made from Scratch Served with Beef Ragù / Lentil Ragù

Tagliatelle & Ragu

Beef and lentils ragu

I might have mentioned my eternal love for pasta. Here’s the thing: if I’d have to choose between chocolate and pasta, I’d choose the latter. Oh, and I love chocolate, I just love pasta even more. My obsession for pasta began during early childhood. I remember that my grandmother used to make huge sheets of dough, which were later cut into delicate ribbons and served with poppy seeds or walnuts. Later I learnt that those exquisite ribbons were in fact tagliatelle.

Today I have a propose for you: tagliatelle made from scratch, served with two types of ragù. The first one is a classic beef ragù, decadent and flavorful and the second one is a vegan lentil ragù, nutritious yet incredibly tasty. Why should we include lentils in our diet?

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Cream of Potatoes Soup

Potato soup - platingPouring potato soup

I love veggie soups. They are nutritious, tasty and very easy to make. When it’s freezing outside, a big bowl of soup has the power to warm up both your body and your soul.

Today I chose a cream of potato soup. It’s so hearty and creamy. For extra flavor, I boiled veggies in homemade chicken soup and I seasoned my cream of potatoes with Cajun spice blend. I served this wonderful soup in huge bowls with crispy bacon, avocado, pumpkin seeds and chilli pecorino cheese sprinkled on top.

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Minestrone Soup

minestrone platingminestrone soupMinestrone is a soup of Italian origin made with seasonal vegetables and pasta or rice. This soup often contains tomatoes, carrot, celery, onion and beans. It’s such a lovely and heart-warming soup. And the great part is that there’s no recipe for this amazing soup, so the sky is the limit… It is thick. It is tasty. It is… perfect.

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